IFLN Global Projects

About IFLN Global Projects

IFLN Global Projects is an innovative, new force in the world of Project Logistics Management.

Our cohesive group of highly specialized members made significant strides in developing a reputation for excellence in the handling of large and multiple door to door turnkey projects.

Proactive Single Source Solutions

Upon a client’s specific needs and requirements, we apply a "Collaborative and Flexible Approach” to managing the entire project from the initiation stage to final delivery at site locations.

To leverage the best results, we combine the expertise and strengths of our global network with those of our clients to develop the most effective strategy and employ the best work practices and top selected project companies, suited to achieve optimum efficiency and cost savings across the entire Project Logistics Management.

IFLN Global Supply Chain IT Platform

To optimize visibility from Purchasing / Planning / Project Management to Site Inventory, we utilize one of the most advanced global supply chain platforms that can be easily integrated with our clients' enterprise systems. Our IT platform provides a wealth of reporting features, controls and KPI's enabling the management of multiple large-scale projects

Our Background

Our Project Logistics Expertise