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TCB and CJ Century Logistics Provide Vital Assistance in India’s Fight Against Covid

Red Cross House in Singapore

 TCB Group, an independent freight forwarder member of the IFLN Network with offices in the UK, Ireland and Singapore, recently partnered with the Singapore Red Cross on the shipment of vital oxygen supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) to Indian communities hit hard by the deadly Covid-19 pandemic currently sweeping the nation.

TCB’s Singapore office helped with the movement of these invaluable supplies and equipment over the course of half a dozen shipments to Delhi and Chennai from Singapore and Penang, Malaysia, air freighted between 10 May and 27 May. The ventilators that formed part of the cargo were classified as hazardous goods, so extra attention had to be given for this, while the transport of such supplies was absolutely time-critical given the urgency of the pandemic crisis in India.

For the Malaysian aspect of the operation, TCB was assisted by a fellow IFLN Network member forwarder, Port Klang-based CJ Century Logistics Sdn Bhd. CJ Century Logistics has been a member of IFLN for years and has worked closely with TCB on shipments ever since it joined the Network, explains Woo Mei Foong, general manager in CJ Century Logistics’ International Freight Division.

Its role has been to ship the equipment out of Penang to India, ensuring that the cargo is loaded without any problems, as well as ensuring that the freight is flown at the lowest competitive price at a time when cargo capacity has been constrained by the pandemic, yet demand for capacity remains high. Finally, notes Woo, CJ Century Logistics monitors the course of the shipment from Malaysia to final destination to ensure there are no issues that need to be addressed.

Masks packed for shipment to India

There has also been a huge donation by Singapore’s population of some 200,000 masks, which were packed and readied for transport by TCB at its Singapore warehouse and which were distributed by air to Delhi and elsewhere in India as a matter of extreme priority.

TCB worked closely with the Singapore Red Cross on this task, just the latest in its collaboration with the organization that has been ongoing throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

TCB director Eldon Hui and key account manager Eileen Quek have been instrumental in this collaboration and with the execution of the shipment of these various life-saving supplies. They remark: “We feel honored [to help] as the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention and we are glad to participate in giving to society. Caring has the gift of making one more human happier!”


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