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Al-Bader Handles Transcontinental Shipments to Kuwait

Al-Bader Shipping & General Contracting, loading model onto truck

 Kuwait City-based Al-Bader Shipping & General Contracting (ABSC), a member of both the IFLN Network and the IFLN Global Projects network, has handled more than one very challenging shipment in recent times. One was a very unusual task: moving a large but very delicate scale model from where it was made in the UK first to Dubai for an exhibition there, then to France for another, and then to its final destination, a mall in Kuwait, where it is now on permanent display.

Salom Abraham, network relation & marketing executive in the Business & Projects Division of ABSC, informs that the project came with a “high level of urgency which required careful handling and co-ordination for smooth delivery of the cargo across multiple destinations”.

Air Freight Business Division manager John Chacko recalls: “After carefully reviewing the provided information, Al-Bader Shipping offered a complete turnkey solution, with a hands-on approach right from the factory, managing all planning, route study, transportation, permissions, import and export Customs clearance, storage, re-packing and exporting.”

The shipper was a renowned model maker and the client was a regular customer of ABSC. Weighing a total of 1.28 tons and being very delicate and perishable in nature, the cargo needed to be kept in a temperature-controlled environment during transport, transit and storage.

Al-Bader Shipping & General Contracting,model at it's final destination

The movements from the UK to Dubai, then to France and then finally to Kuwait took place between August and October last year, ABSC having been first approached about the job in August. Moving the model, each time by air, was a lengthy and complex project but, says Chacko, ABSC “assured and delivered maximum customer assistance and satisfaction, cost-effective and tailor-made transport solutions for the exhibition models during their transportation, unpacking, set-up and repacking at each destination”.

In fact, he notes: “The client was very satisfied with the services provided by the team of ABSC’s Air Freight division skillfully coordinated by Mrs. Salma, who were with them throughout the entire process and proactively notified the client of all relevant information at every stage of the process.”



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