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Vantage Moves Outsize Construction Equipment from Vietnam to Myanmar

Vantage Logistics, Bago Bridge Shipment

   Ho Chi Minch City-headquartered Vantage Logistics Corp has handled the challenging shipment of a consignment of outsize machinery and equipment from Hai Phong in Vietnam to the Myanmar International Terminal Thilawa (MITT) in Myanmar.

   Vantage was asked to pick up the heavy machinery and equipment – used in the construction of the Bago bridge in Myanmar – from Hai Phong, a large port city in north-eastern Vietnam. The project cargo was loaded into containers by crane and forklifts before its transport by sea to MITT aboard the Sealand vessel Future (Sealand is a Maersk company).

   The client was a big construction company based in Vietnam.

Vantage Logistics, Bago Bridge Shipment

   The IFLN forwarder secured the necessary Certificate of Origin (C/O) documentation and completed the temporary export Customs formalities for the out-of-gauge shipment.

   Securing these various documents and completing the required procedures as well as planning the physical movement of the outsize cargo in order to meet the allotted delivery schedule was a challenge Vantage’s Project team: but one they were determined to meet.

   Vantage’s Project team received details of the shipment – machinery and equipment to be temporary exported and subsequently re-imported for the Bago Bridge construction project in Myanmar on 30 May. The consignment was made up of a number of 40' flat racks and high cube containers, with the biggest single item measuring over 10 in length, over 3m in width and 3.5m in eight; it weighed 33 tons.

   It is worth noting, says Vantage’s project delegator Andrea Nguyen, that the customer requested Vantage apply for only one C/O form for the entire shipment, although the various machines making up the consignment originated from countries including Vietnam, Japan, Korea, the US and China, as well as being rented from local suppliers. The cargo included both new and second-hand equipment.

   “Moreover, due to insufficient documents proving the origin of goods, the Vantage team encountered many difficulties in collecting and processing documentation during the implementation of Customs clearance procedures for the shipment,” Nguyen recalls, “not to mention the pressure relating to the rapid delivery schedule required to keep up with the customer’s project timeline.”

Vantage Logistics, Bago Bridge Shipment

   However, Nguyen notes: “Because of our professionalism and experience in the field of transporting machinery and equipment gained over more than 15 years, Vantage researched, consulted and proposed the most suitable solution, including documentary compliance, in accordance with all the shipment and customer’s requirements.”

   As a result, the shipment has arrived at the destination port as scheduled on 17 June. In fact, remembers Nguyen: “The project was smoothly and timely performed despite the various complications as well as tight schedule, which meant that our customer was very satisfied with the services we provided to them and they will keep us in their first-tier logistics vendor list.”



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