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Vantage Logistics Looks After A321 Integrated Procedure Trainer

Handle with Care Cargo
Vantage Logistics, cargo required delicate movement during shipping

   Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-headquartered IFLN Network member forwarder Vantage Logistics Corporation recently handled the very delicate movement of an A321 Integrated Procedure Trainer (an ITP is a fully simulated cockpit for training pilots), along with spares.

   The consignment was moved in six separate packages, of nearly 1.8 tons in weight and 10 cubic meters in volume, to its final destination in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s most populous city.

   The cargo was transported between April 4th and May 7th this year, with Vantage overseeing the movement of the freight from its arrival at Tan Son Nhat International Airport north of Ho Chi Minh right to the consignee’s (Vietnam Airlines’) assigned warehouse in the city.

   The cargo had originated at Bouguenais in France, before catching a flight to Tan Son Nhat.

   Dao Thi Kim Hong, Vantage’s import manager, recalls that due to the delicate nature of the equipment, the cargo had to be handled with extreme care throughout the shipment process. Each package was equipped a TiltWatch sensor as well as a ‘Handle with Care’ label.

TiltWatch indicator on cargo shipment
Vantage Logistics, TiltWatch sensor

   However, by the time the cargo was unloaded from at Tan Son Nhat, the TiltWatch sensors had turned red in color, indicating that the cargo had become destabilized during the trip from France to Vietnam.

   Vantage's operations team immediately reported this development to the shipper in Europe and contacted the consignee for instruction. Vantage proposed using a truck with full air suspension travelling at low speed for the next stage of the delivery process, a proposal that was readily adopted.

   After receiving this confirmation from the consignee, the shipment was transported overland extremely carefully and finally safely delivered to the consignee's assigned warehouse. “Thanks to our proactive handling of the cargo, our client was pleased with the service that Vantage provided to them,” Dao says.






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