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FMS Oversees Challenging Oil & Gas Project Shipment to Vietnam

cargo on the trailer
FMS, cargo on the trailer at the docks

   IFLN Global Projects member Fr. Meyer’s Sohn (FMS) Basel/Switzerland recently completed a major project cargo shipment for the oil and gas industry.

   The overland aspect of the job involved four separate heavy lifts movements and cargo requiring no less than nine 40‘ out-of-gauge flat racks and nine 40‘ high cubes. Different loads were delivered from five different countries on two different continents to the Belgian port of Antwerp, from where all the cargo was shipped by container vessel to Singapore to meet what was a very tight deadline.

cargo in the hold
FMS, cargo on the trailer at the docks

   Once the cargo arrived in Singapore, it was then transferred to the breakbulk terminal there, before being re-loaded onto a full-charter vessel for delivery to a private terminal and the final destination, an offshore construction site in Vungtau, Vietnam.

   Plenty of careful planning and co-ordination of shipments and suppliers was a must if same-time arrival at Antwerp was to be achieved, such that all the various cargoes could then be shipped as one lot to Singapore and subsequently all loaded together on the chartered vessel bound for Vietnam.

   This was the fastest possible solution and the only option if that tough delivery deadline was to be met. Despite all the challenges, however, delivery took place for the customer – a regular and important client of FMS – on schedule just a few weeks ago.

   The client was delighted with FMS’s management of the entire project, such that there were no delays and no problems.


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