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Paramar Handles Multiple Reachstacker Movements Across Paraguay

Paramar has transported three reachstackers in separate movements in recent times

   Paramar, based in Asunción, Paraguay, is a member of both the IFLN Network and the IFLN Global Projects network, and has been busy handling some particularly challenging shipments in recent times.

   In particular, they handled the transport of three different reachstackers. A reachstacker is typically used for handling cargo containers in ports and terminals.

   The first shipment of a Kalmar reachstacker saw Paramar oversee its movement from one port terminal to another over a distance of approximately 35 km. Particular challenges that had to be overcome on this movement includes tight turns along the route, overhead cables, and traffic lights and road signs along the roads that could obstruct the outsize shipment.

   Paramar manager Federico dos Santos says, “We planned the shipment for four days, establishing the routing and getting the required approvals from the traffic bureau. Loading and unloading was undertaken with cranes and about 15 people worked directly on this job.”

beams & stools
Paramar employed a jacking system including beams and stools on one of the reachstacker shipments

   “The customer chose Paramar because of our experience, reputation in the market and because we have all the necessary equipment: hydraulic trailers, cranes, beams, stools, jacks, etc.,” dos Santos explains.

   He continues: “After handling the first shipment with no problems, I knew there was a company that needed to deliver a new reachstacker to a port terminal and I contacted them, sent all the pictures of the Kalmar we just moved and they agreed right away.”

   For this movement, which was from the dealer to a local port, “We had only three days to make all the necessary preparations, including one important point: there was not enough space to use a crane. Loading and unloading was therefore undertaken with a jacking system including beams and stools.” The whole job took five days, including loading, transportation over 45 km of road network and unloading.

   Then, the third reachstacker’s transportation took the same format as the first. The unit measures 11.7m in length, 6.05m in width, has a height of 5.3m and weighs in at 75 tons.

   Paramar was responsible for the planning, co-ordination and execution of these three shipments and employed its own workforce, equipment and accessories for the movements, including a 12-axle line hydraulic modular trailer.


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