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On Time Delivery for FMS Project Shipment with Demanding Schedule

BBC vessel
FMS movement being loaded

   The IFLN Global Projects network Switzerland-based projects specialist branch of Fr. Meyer's Sohn Group (FMS) recently handled a challenging shipment for MAN Energy Solutions.

   The consignment incorporated six heavy and outsize gas compressor trains – three of them weighing as much as 104 tons – together with accessories. FMS arranged the movement of the cargo out of Europe by way of Hong Kong to the final destination of China (actually two different construction sites in China).

   The outsize freight had to be moved door-to-door, with FMS coordinating the work of suppliers all over the world in order to ensure that all the equipment arrived in Hong Kong at the same time in perfect order. FMS also organized the unloading of the compressors and supporting gear at the two construction sites, confirms the forwarder’s Basel-based head of industrial projects, Oliver Hoz.

 The time constraints for getting the job done were very tight, with the shipment having to be completed from beginning to end in less than six weeks. The job involved road and sea transport, including out-of-gauge truck movements and three separate barge charters supported by the use of numerous 40 foot flat rack containers, floating cranes and a crawler crane, as well as a number of mobile cranes for loading and unloading at various points of the intercontinental journey.

FMS movement at port, by night

   FMS has been in the forwarding business since 1897. With 50 offices across more than 30 countries, it makes US$1 billion in annual revenue and handles up to a million TEUs of cargo each year.

   The company’s FMS Switzerland operation is one of the leading project forwarders in Switzerland, handling project cargoes by sea, air, rail and road.


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