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ETO Shares Ongoing Shipments of ADR Goods with Alfa Forwarding

   Moscow-based IFLN member, United Transport Operator (ETO) operates in the Russian and Eastern European markets, acting as a logistics partner for a wide range of clients. ETO was looking for cooperation with other IFLN members to support one of its customers, Ecolab, a major player in the water, hygiene and energy technologies and services sector. The additional support was forthcoming from Gdynia, Poland-headquartered Alfa Forwarding, another member of the IFLN Network.

   ETO regularly handles the shipment of about 4,000 tons-a-month of ADR goods (ADR is the European agreement covering the international carriage of dangerous goods by road) travelling from Maribor in Slovenia and Genk in Belgium to Blonie in Poland for Ecolab. However, during a recent critical holiday period, Ecolab was looking to move a particularly large shipment.

   Victoria Vyaltseva, the head of ETO logistics department, remembered previous collaboration with Alfa, when its IFLN partner had overseen the transport of a shipment to Russia, “helping us very much”. What followed during that busy holiday period was, she says, “very easy and comfortable cooperation”, as a large fleet of trucks began transporting cargo from Belgium, Germany, Italy and Slovenia into Poland.

   Moreover, that collaboration between the two partners continues to this day. And given the increased volumes that Ecolab continues to ask ETO to ship, there seems every chance that the cooperation will only grow with mutually profitable results in the future. Vyaltseva remarks: “We are committed to continuing our co-operation with them for many years.”

   Tomasz Slodniik, a member of Alfa Forwarding’s board, observes: “If you have an agent like ETO, there aren’t many problems. It was very smooth.” Adding that it is “great” that the two cargo agents can share the project; he, too, expects even more success to come soon as a result of the collaboration.

   Clearly, the joint efforts of Alfa and ETO are bringing benefits to both cargo agents, as well as to the customer. It is a good example of the value of IFLN Network partners working together on projects, an opportunity not lost on them. For example, Vyaltseva points out that ETO is also working on a large project with another IFLN partner and another success story coming soon.


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