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Integra and SACI Handle Outsize Intercontinental Cargo Shipment

    IFLN members Integra International of Spain and SACI Logistics of Mexico recently collaborated on the movement of a large climatic chamber from one side of the Atlantic to the other (climatic chambers are used to test the effects of changes in certain environmental conditions on their contents). One of Madrid-headquartered Integra’s best clients, a major player in the sector, needed a chamber 4.85 meters long, 2.65 meters wide and 2.71 meters high transported from Barcelona to Veracruz.

    Integra handled the Spanish end of the shipping process. Initially, it looked at all the various shipping options open to it, said international business coordinator Lydia Sanchez Nieto.

Crated Cargo
Integra and SACI Logistics collaborated on the shipment of an outsize load, a climatic chamber, from Barcelona to Veracruz.

    Weighing everything into consideration, the decision was taken to move the shipment on a K Line vessel out of Barcelona. "K Line offers a very good service in this part of the world. We had already worked with them in the past because of their commitment and professionalism," Sanchez remarked.

    The K Line ship, complete with outsize cargo, left Barcelona April 22, and arrived in Veracruz May 10, a transit time of a little more than two weeks.

    Fellow IFLN member SACI took over in Mexico. "The role of our company was to deliver the cargo from the Mexican port of Veracruz to the client’s warehouse, but the main issue was that this cargo was considered a special movement because of the oversize nature of the merchandise," explained SACI’s chief operations officer Rúben Lagunes Cisneros.

    SACI was responsible for obtaining all the necessary permissions, and worked with the client's Customs broker to clear the cargo through Veracruz. It also secured the required crane equipment for transferring the outsize chamber from the ship to a heavy truck and then oversaw the shipment’s overland movement to the customer's premises.

Network Collaboration
    Jose Manuel Muñoz, Integra's executive director, explained the reason behind Integra's decision to work with their Network colleague: "We had already worked successfully with SACI Logistics. That’s why we didn't hesitate to call them when we received this shipment request for Mexico.

    "We are always working to grow our relationship with other IFLN members. What IFLN offers us is a very competitive Network with very professional companies that allows us to develop and offer a great service to our customers," he added.

    "The IFLN Group is a great family and we are very happy to belong to this family," said Lagunes. "This gives to us the confidence to work well and discuss all the possibilities, thinking about the best option to offer our clients.

    "SACI is open to help and support all IFLN members, and we know that we have the same support from the other side," he concluded.

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