IFLN News 2015

Door-to-Door Successful Moves

    Gdynia, Poland-headquartered Uni-logistics is currently collaborating with Highland Forwarding of the U.S., on the shipment of a large quantity of coiled tubing door-to-door from the U.S. to Poland.

Uni-logistics and Highland Forwarding
Door-to-door, all under the care of the two IFLN cargo agents, Uni-logistics and Highland Forwarding.

    The job has required inland truck haulage, export customs clearance and documentation, port handling at Houston, ocean freight shipping to Europe, import handling at more than one European port (including customs clearance and documentation) and then inland transportation to the consignee.

    All the outsize cargo pieces have been insured as part of the complex service offered by the two IFLN cargo agents, explained Wojciech Debek, Uni-logistics' project cargo manager. The first shipment of break-bulk cargo, with individual items ranging in size, was moved between March and May; while the second load was collected from the U.S. shipper, and shipped, in early May.

    Highland has been responsible for collecting the cargo from the shipper, port charges including transloading in the Port of Houston and arranging a booking for vessels carrying from the U.S. to Europe; Uni-logistics has handled the balance of the work, Debek explained.

    "We've had very good cooperation with Highland," Debek enthused. "And we're looking to handle further business with them. We joined the IFLN family to secure such long-term mutual cooperation with other members."

    Radek Maly, president of New Hampshire-based Highland, noted that the two IFLN cargo agents have been shipping these sorts of consignments for the past two years, so it's regular business. Moreover, it has worked with Uni-logistics on shipments moving in both directions – Uni-logistics having handled some of Highland's exports from Poland. Clearly, the relationship is proving mutually beneficial.

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