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Integra and Transebastian Highlight Value of Network Collaboration

    Two IFLN Network members, separated by the Atlantic Ocean, cooperated on a challenging shipment in July. Their cooperation highlights the benefits of IFLN partners working together for their own mutual benefit, as well as the benefit for the customer.

Transebastian Consolidadores

    The freight in question consisted of eight pallets of paper, weighing approximately 10 tons. Transebastian Consolidadores' customer, J Vilaseca SA, a manufacturer of high-quality paper product, wanted the consignment moved urgently from Barcelona, Spain, to the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador. Due to the time-critical nature of the consignment, the shipment had to be flown despite the consequent cost of the movement.

Integra International

    Integra International, which has a number of offices across Spain, handled the pick up of the paper, airline booking, export customs clearance and movement of the cargo out of Iberia on an Air Europa flight. Then, San Salvador-based Transebastian handled all the elements of its importation into El Salvador and its delivery to the final destination.

    As Transebastian doesn’t handle many major projects, collaboration on this job was essential, noted Gabriela Herrera, sales coordinator at Transebastian. "Integra's good relationship with the airline allowed them to secure a booking quickly… And in the end, it turned out that Transebastian was competing with companies like Avianca, not a small freight forwarder like us."

    Integra's executive director, José Manuel Muñoz added, "Taking advantage of our excellent relationship with the different Spanish airlines, and the professionalism of our team, we were able to be more competitive than Avianca, in this case, for rate and service."

    Muñoz continued, "We had been working with Transebastian for some time, so we knew and understood their way of working, as well as their client’s needs."

    Both of the forwarders have declared their desire to continue their collaboration with each other, as well as to look for opportunities with other IFLN partners, which Herrera described as a priority objective for Transebastian

    Muñoz declared, "We are growing our relationship with other IFLN members and our commercial team is working hard to promote this kind of business with our IFLN colleagues… For Integra, and I believe for most IFLN members, to be a part of this international organization helps us to develop our business and to offer a first-class service to our customers."

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