IFLN News 2015

Key Cargo Forms Key Link in the Chain

Key Cargo International

    Key Cargo International Limited has been helping one of its U.K. clients for more than 12 years, importing and exporting its cargo worldwide by air and ocean, as well as handling its trailer traffic. It is currently overseeing a particularly large and complex series of shipments for the customer in collaboration with two IFLN Network colleagues.


    The project initially involved the shipping of pipes for the oil and gas industry from Italy into Turkey for fabrication, and more than 20 full trailers have already been moved by Verona-based IFLN member Alitrans. Gina Powell, sales director for Key Cargo, explained there are to be further trailers moved in March, with the consignment’s final destination to be Angola. Plus, five trailers are currently carrying precious cargo from the U.K. into Turkey.

Kita Logistics

    Meanwhile an ongoing project started in January, with several urgent air freight shipments flying out of Italy, has been consigned to Istanbul-headquartered IFLN member Kita Logistics.

    After having met with representatives from both Alitrans and Kita last year in Sri Lanka at the IFLN Network 21st Membership Conference, Powell contacted both IFLN partners after being awarded the project movement by their U.K. client. "We have worked very well together," Powell enthused, saying both Alitrans and Kita have been "very helpful and efficient."

    On April's much anticipated 22nd membership conference, Powell said, "I am looking forward to meeting up with supporting IFLN agents and also meeting new IFLN partners in Panamá."

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