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Looking forward to the 21st IFLN Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka

    IFLN members are already looking forward to the Network's next membership conference, all set for Colombo in Sri Lanka between March 23and 26 next year. The venue will be the five-star Kingsbury Hotel, set in the heart of the city and offering fine views over the Indian Ocean, as well as the bustling metropolis. Complete with top-class accommodations, amenities and services, its opulence represent a fine complement to the beauty of the island and surrounding sea.

    IFLN's 21st Membership Conference will also be the Network's first ever Indian Sub-Continent Conference, making the most of IFLN's strong and ever-growing presence in the region, not only in Sri Lanka but also in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Members with representatives in these nations will be hosting and sponsoring this 21st Membership Conference.

    What's more, with those countries' favored trading partners being found elsewhere across Asia, the U.S., Middle East and Europe, all areas in which IFLN has many members, interest in the conference from all members is bound to be high.

    IFLN's Middle Eastern carrier partners, Emirates SkyCargo, Qatar Cargo and Etihad Cargo also enjoy very strong markets in the region, as does another IFLN partner, United Cargo, so their involvement will represent welcome and valuable additions to the program.

    The conference promises to be an invaluable resource for all members, and it is the perfect opportunity to meet and network with like-minded colleagues from around the world.

    The IFLN website for the conference is currently in the final stages of preparation and is expected to go live by the beginning of October.

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