IFLN News 2013

Force Logistics Handles Unusual Maritime Shipment

    New Delhi-headquartered Force Logistics recently helped out with the movement of an unusual but highly important cargo shipment from Singapore to India.

    The cargo was a number of specialized canoes to be used by Singapore's national canoe polo team in the 15th Asian Canoe Polo Championship that was held in October and Force Logistics helped fellow IFLN member, Singapore's Transpeed Cargo, with the time-critical shipment.

    Force Logistics arranged duty-free import clearance, that required police permission for delivery of the canoes to the venue and pick-up after the event, all the packing of the equipment after the championship, re-export customs clearance and the flight back to Singapore.

    The most challenging part of its work was arranging the duty free import clearance, explained Force Logistics director Girish Joshi. But the agent's experience and expertise, plus bond and personal guarantee, meant that the movement went ahead as planned.

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