IFLN News 2014

ITC and Worldwide Logisitcs Collaborate on Steel Sheet Shipment

    Earlier this summer, two IFLN members, separated by thousands of miles, cooperated with Emirates, one of IFLN's partner carriers, on a shipment of valuable project cargo of steel sheets from Germany to South Korea.

Steel Sheets
The steel sheets were flown all the way to South Korea on 19 individual pallets, each weighing about 2.5 tonnes.

    ITC Logistics handled the movement of the shipment on behalf of a German shipper out of Düsseldorf International Airport aboard an Emirates aircraft bound for Seaol Incheaon International Airport, flying by way of Dubai International. The sheets were loaded onto 19 pallets, each measuring 250 centimeters long, 150 centimeters wide and 30 centimeters high, and weighing approximately 2.5 tonnes.

    ITC picked up the cargo and undertook the necessary X-ray screening before the shipment was flown out of Düsseldorf by Emirates, the very next day. At the other end in Seol, Worldwide Logistics Co. handled customs clearance and delivery to the consignee following the freight's release by Korean customs.

    The shipment represents a perfect example of IFLN forwarder partners working in concurrence, while also employing the high quality services of one of the Network's partners.

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