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A unique flexible information platform that can be easily integrated with our client's enterprise system.

“Bridging the Gaps” in Logistics, Information and Commissioning Services

Gaps Between Organizations Impede Decision Making VAL Management Bridges These Critical Gaps!

Logistics Optimization
  • Procurement Specifications
  • Site and route survey
  • Documentation
  • Supplier Status
  • Route planning and scheduling
  • Consolidation & Route Optimization
  • Transportation Status
  • Field Changes
  • On-site Availability
Information and Materials Management
  • Collect Contract Specified Documentation
  • Capture and Organize Material Data
  • Site Inventory Management
  • Logistics Movement Management
  • Download to Asset Owner's Applications
  • Identify Incomplete Documentation
Commissioning Support
  • Reliability Strategies
  • QC Documentation
  • QA Documentation
  • Spares Location
  • Spares Source
  • Sustainability Structure
  • Performance Dashboard

Competitive Advantages

  • A dedicated team with extensive international expertise
  • A highly developed global network
  • An external view and focus on the enterprise requirements
  • An on-demand access to a comprehensive supply chain expertise
  • A single unique information e-Platform, offering total visibility along with flexible, dynamic and tactical decision making capabilities
  • A collaborative approach and ultimate commitment to overall efficiency – workload reduction – cost control – cost reduction
Our strength will provide your competitive advantage...