IFLN News 2014

Kronos and Farrex Collaborate on Cement Plant Intercontinental Shipment

    Kronos Logistics of Bogotá, Colombia, has cooperated with fellow forwarder and IFLN partner, Farrex Freight Systems of Canada, to move a large shipment of containers from Ontario to Romania and Spain.

    The cargo, intended for cement works, was destined for Constanța, Romania, and Valencia, Spain, explained Alfredo Varon, Kronos' general manager. Kronos turned to Farrex to for help with the tricky operation of moving a complete cement plant in 85 containers, plus some break-bulk cargo, from Ontario.

    Toronto-based Farrex was responsible for handling the Canadian transportation end of the project. According to Varon, Farrex's president and CEO Mohamed Farouk and his team offered great support on a 24/7 basis throughout the job.

    Given the success of this initial project, Varon is hopeful that a second project involving a plant of similar size in Brazil will need to be handled. The cargo in question will probably move from Canada to Santos, which is located in the São Paulo state of Brazil, in August.

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